50-100$ per day with CPA – What is CPA


What is CPA ? CPA is a Cost-Per-Action make money method. Is CPA still worth it ? CPA is still the good way to make money online. Since many make money method are satured, but CPA still working. The reason is because the Advertiser still looking for customers. But the customers are converted from the lead. So each CPA success help give the advertiser profit. This way, the method still working.

So everyone, I have worked with a lot of CPA and PPD sites and what I want to share with you :
– I have tested all method which I found in internet and all CPA/PPD networks which are exist now
– I was never give up
– Now I formed my OWN method with my awesome tactic, about which I want to speak with you!
– Now I earn GOOD cash from internet and I am happy <- I found my lovely work


Let me start with my cpa income from recently.


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If you think that it will be easy, so please skip this page, because you must prepare to work hard, there is no BIG MONEY without work! Never give up!

So, The first thing you need to do is to register in the most premium network. Since there are tons of CPA sites out there, but I’m working with the highest EPC I ever found and the most positive and working support



To start, you will need a WordPress site, where you will post your niches, from which you can earn cash!

I will give you a lot of my Traffic and SEO tips under with a lot of proofs and examples!
So if you really want to begin make money online, be ready to understand and work for your feature!

Here are some examples of sites which are successfull and making awesome cash with niches!
You should build your own like this!

You can found a lot of guides in the internet about how to set up WP site or you can see my tutorial here – Its easy! you need only to try it and work!


Lets look the most great methods of traffic I found and we will focus it!

Social traffic

USE SOCIAL CONTENT LOCKER, but use it only for destop traffic, mobile users should not see it, with that thing you will have +5-7% epc for sure, because 95% of destop members are sharing content and from 5% of them you get new visitors and it happened again and again and again! – you can find a lot of FREE such plugins and choose anyone you like!

Smart Facebook traffic

Two years ago I bought very aggressive wp plugin from BHW, this company is still selling it – WP VIRAL LOCKER, it is quickjacking of FB group, so I have got FB group,twitter,g+ group of my site, which are connected to site throw jetpack with autoposts- with WP viral lock plugin – every first click of desktop user will connect to Facebook AJAX and he will get into your group! And then other posts will be showing on his feed, now my group have 344.000 members and they are coming again and again from the feed after some days, and sharing my content locker and inviting new social members…. see interesting social traffic loop?? yes ofcourse(BTW, I use WP viral lock NINJA plugin)

Smart Reffer traffic

Sooo, there is WP plugin called WP SHES VIRAL – It is great exclusive thing, but I did not buy it, I created my own ref script and for MOST TRENDING HOT NICHES ONLY , after social locker I add ref script, where user had to invite 3-7 users with his ref link ->> It works, because NICHE IS HOT AND TRENDING(also all my texts are also unique with 2000-3000 unique text with keyword destiny 3% and for unique niches I add YT video to looks natural, so why users are happy to share and invite other refferals) – so our social loop becomes X2 more powerful!!!!

Other Traffic

Some great working traffic sources are – QUORA with view boosting – not saturated
Youtube commenting of 500 comment by the same profile like this popular account have – interesting method, but become little bit saturated, also handy method!

Facebook group SPAM works as little social boost at the beginning

Also my main point is to put my eye to most succesfull competitors sites and all time to learn something new and test it! So just act now, you will se how much do cpas make a year.

Source of method


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