VyprVPN Reviews


VyprVPN ReviewsPros: Benefit of having servers in almost all locations – Provide easy access to all the customers- having real-time statistics- Quickly connects

Cons: Offers to keep log files only for 30-days – discourages anonymous methods for payment.


The VyprVPN has a huge reputation in the market as it is one of the fastest Virtual Private Networks of the world. Whether you are willing to stream any video or playing a restricted video, the VyprVPN has designed to make things easy for you. Moreover, it is available at extremely affordable rates and the range of the server is fabulous as you can get in almost more than 50 countries in the world.

TheVyprVPN Reviews top-class technology ensures that the user gets what they pay for- nonstop internet – fast browsing. If you like to secure your online data, then the VyprVpn is the best. It is built to protect you from the attack of DNS (the man in the middle). Such attacks block your internet from the particular websites. Sometimes the government of the countries blocks some sites and due to that censor you are unable to have access to such sites no matter how hard you try.

To unblock such sites, you need to use the VPN server (Virtual Private Network) and you may not find anything as efficient and reasonable as the VyprVpn.

The VyprVpn allow all your data pass through an encrypted channel. In this way, the attacks and DNS filters are avoided. It connects the users to the VPN servers and the third party limitations can be bypassed, which signifies no more browsing restrictions.

Why do I need to use VyprVpn?

This is usually the first question come in the mind of the buyers and it is quite natural. After getting all the information about the virtual private network (VPN), it is quite essential to ask that why VyprVpn and what benefits it going to provide. Well, all your questions related to the VvprVpn will be solved in this review.

  • You can easily access the Geo-Blocked sites and contents as the VyprVPn changes your IP address to some other location where the site or content is not restricted so you can enjoy full access to almost anything you want.
  • The Defeat Data Retention is a technique forbids the government agencies from hacking or peeking into your personal data so that you can get a completely secured internet. With the VyperVpn you can have a sigh of relief that nobody can spy your system.
  • The speed of the VyprVpn is a must-discussed topic as all the users are quite happy with it. Online streaming can never be imagined that secure and seamless without VyprVpn. It proffers the fantabulous streaming.
  • The censorship and bypass restrictive network is another astounding aspect that opens the sites blocked by your government. Moreover, you can save money on travel, play games, and securely conduct your business.

Pros and Cons


  • VyprDNS
  • Money back guarantee of 30-days
  • Device compatibility
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Proprietary Chameleon protocol
  • Unlimited server switches
  • Over 700+ servers
  • Increase security and privacy
  • IP addresses more than 200,000
  • 24x 7 customer service
  • Free trial
  • Nat firewall


  • No Server in Africa
  • No refunds
  • Keep logs for 30-days
  • Supports PPTP only in Basic plan
  • Doesn’t support bitcoin

Security and Privacy

VyprVPN ReviewsThe privacy and security of the user’s data is of top class quality. With the VyprVpn, you can feel relaxed that your data is saved because of the complex encryption code.  It proffers a 256-bit coding that can be used when you are transferring some confidential data.  This one is usually used by the government.

Some plans also support the NAT firewall, which signifies that when you are directly connected to the VyprVpn, then it blocks the inbound traffic that is not requested.

The high-speed connection is appreciable that is good enough for HD video streaming. The VyprVpn protects your data from theft. The VyprVpn is known as the owner of all the servers so it utilizes its own network, so no chance of a third party to peek into your personal data or information by any means. No one can ever view your browsing activities, location, and online communication. Even the government or law-enforcing agencies cannot keep a spy on your activities.

The VyprVpn also has an encryption of 128 bits that is considered the most secure one as well as connects quite faster. You can also view the content and websites restricted by the government with the VyprVpn.

In short, the VyprVpn offers almost all the facilities at a reasonable price that you are looking for. It locks the cloud infrastructure because it also has a system called secure access point. The most important thing is that the VyprVpn is not complicated; you can set it in a minute.

What you get when using VyprVpn

There are oodles of benefits that you are going to get when using the VyprVpn. Take a look at them

  • User-Amicable Apps – You can download the VyprVPN for any device such as router, TV, iOS, Android, Mac, and windows to enjoy the services.
  • Secure and Fast Connection – The VyprVpn is engineered in such a way that it provides great speed and secures your data as well.
  • Multiple Protocols – It proffers Chameleon, PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN. You can select the required encryption level, protection, and speed.
  • 24 x 7 Support – The support team is available all the time to solve your problems and answer your queries. You can contact them via online chat or through Email at any time.
  • Chameleon Technology – Due to the presence of the Chameleon technology, it offers openVpn 256-bit protocol as well as the scrambled metadata to avoid throttling, Vpn blocking, and DPI.
  • Unlimited Access – You have the full liberty to get connected to any VyprVpn server at any time without the server switching fees, download caps, and restriction.
  • NAT Firewall – It protects the connection by providing a great layer of security so that your data or information remains confidential with no sign of theft. It not only protects the data but also allows you to hold a tight grip on your mobile devices and router.
  • Money Back Guarantee – The 30 days money back guarantee is definitely a great offer as you can learn all about the servers, check the speed, security, and all other aspects without any risk.

Pricing and Plans

Now take a look at the pricing and plans of the VyprVPN

VyprVPN Reviews

 Premium Plan

  • PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec and Chameleon protocols available
  • $10 / month (billed per annum)
  • VyprDNS
  • Unlimited server switches
  • Includes NAT Firewall
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Allows 5 devices connected at a time
  • $19.99 / month (billed per month)

Pro Plan

  • PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec and Chameleon protocols available
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • VyprDNS
  • Allows 3 devices connected at a time
  • Unlimited server switches
  • Includes NAT Firewall
  • $8.33 / month (billed per annum)
  • $14.99 / month (billed per month)

Basic Plan

  • PPTP only
  • VyprDNS
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited server switches
  • Allows 2 device connected at a time
  • $6.67 / month (billed per annum)
  • $9.99 / month (billed per month)


The VyprVPN has all the features and facilities that compel you to use it. This can be called the best service in terms of remote access, protocols, encryptions, videos streaming, and unblocking the sites that are censored by your government.

All your information is protected, but the level of protection depends on the plan you choose. The VyprVPN is available in three different plans; of course, you always have to choose the one that has all the features you are willing to use.

It is a worldwide server network that covers 5 continents and also has global IP’s more than 200000. The VyprVpn also claims to have 700+ servers. The other highlighted features of the service are VyprDNS and Chameleon.

Now all of you are fully aware of the whereabouts of the VyprVPN and its services. You can select the plan according to your need.


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