How I earn $21,260 by send out 324,728 emails


How I earn ,260 by send out 324,728 emails

Now I’m going to disclose one of my best strategies to earn money online, hey BHW. My intention with this post will be to show you I sent over 324,000 emails using a straightforward self-hosted organization.


This approach is not going to work for poor e-mails or scraped e-mails (it probably could but I didn’t understand coz I’m straight as an arrow ::wicked-smile::)

I’m not kidding, it’s occurred, see the picture below:

How I earn ,260 by send out 324,728 emails


So with the aim of this place, I’ll keep it straightforward because the core theory and the inner workings are actually the same exact things and if you’re an innovative marketer, you’ll figure things out yourself. Let’s carry on:


1. The Proof:

Here’s a screenshot of the emails that were sent using Interspire:

How I earn ,260 by send out 324,728 emails


And here is the income proof:

How I earn ,260 by send out 324,728 emails


2. Tools Needed:

You could use any tool that sends e-mails although Personally, I use Interspire tied up with an SMTP server. I’ve have used it before and also heard excellent things about Sendy.

You must install it on your server after you have an interspire permit. Nevertheless, it runs by Bluehost on a VPS.

It’s a superb straightforward install.

The next step after you has the big gun prepared is getting the bullets in the chamber. I urge SendGrid because they kick every autoresponders’ butt in regards to precision, speed, and delivery. They may be the authentic large dogs in the e-mail sending space.

You can use one of the following if you don’t get through Sendgrid:


But I’ll propose you like my best friend and I need you to get SendGrid. If you confront problems with getting an account set up with them to select anything else, simply give them a call.


3. Setup The Service:

You can locate someone to do it if you don’t need to get your own Interspire permit and don’t need to install it on your server and hook up the SMTPs.

Only google it or search this newsgroup and you will find someone to install interspire for you.

The goal of this blog post will be to show you the best way to send e-mails without popular AR accounts like Aweber, GetResponse or SendGrid and get better deliveries.



4. Warm Up Procedure:

But if you’re sendings 300K e-mails per month, you’ll be transferred to a dedicated IP with these services.

Which basically means you’ll be given everything pre-assembled by these businesses but if you screw your IP reputation up the inbox will never be seen by your e-mails.

Heating-up a dedicated IP address is usually recommended if you often send more than about 5,000 e-mails per day at least three (3) times a week.
How I earn ,260 by send out 324,728 emails
Additionally, if you’re on their IP strategies that are common, you don’t begin sending and actually need to warm up IPs.

Here’s the best way to warm up IPs – click here to read a guide.

With common strategies on most the SMTP services, they makes sure they’re healthy and supplying the IPs takes care of them.


5. The Offer:

Some of the most significant matters in regards to making money online are the offer. Traffic gets you nothing although I do understand that traffic can be said to be the #1 thing.

In addition, I realize it is super tough to create an offer that is good particularly if you are a newbie or just starting out. BUT again, you do not have to create the product yourself.

You can only hijack someone else’s whole sales funnel for a free that is little and these things convert nicely. Why?

The most important thing is this:

  • (A) The offer must be something the people need. Do not invent difficulties, and then try to solve them. SOLVE A REAL PROBLEM THEY HAVE.
  • (B) High converting, always be tweaking your sales copies and opt-in pages.
  • (C) High Worth for the individuals who purchase your offer and astounding after sales support. This right here is your success mantra 🙂


6. Solutions:

And to say – THESE ARE REASONS! The reason you’re not constructing a list, although you understand the cash is on the list is that you’re not desperate.

Despair is needed by business success. You have to be distressed for success. Which is that fictitious purpose in your life when you say until you reach your activity brink:

….until you reach this stage, you’re never going to take actions that get success.

See the man who lost that weight said – “that’s it, no more!”. Crossing that activity threshold is very important to success.

Solutions to your issues:

(A) I have no list:

It is easy to construct. There’s an organization that offers list construction that is done for you. Google “guaranteed email subscribers” or something and you will find them.

(B) What’s the Procedure for constructing a list:

See the picture below to learn how works are funneled by a suitable list construction.

How I earn ,260 by send out 324,728 emails

(C) I cannot construct opt-in pages:

Try ClickFunnels or LeadPages. The options are all out there, the question Consider it.

Lots of issues (reasons) that we’ve are really only BIG NOTHINGS! Your brain resists change…. change is tough & occasionally dangerous.

And your brain is wired to shield you from damage so lots of time the issues you see aren’t issues, they’re simply made up scenarios.

Occasionally, you just gotta take actions no matter the anxiety. You must JUMP to FLY in order. No other manner.



Tools Needed are:



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