Create Unlimited Instagram Accounts through your Desktop.



Switched to Instagram + CPA last month and went the manual route so the first obstacle was to create accounts quick on a daily basis while not getting banned too. I’ve done a lot of testing,burned through a lot of Accounts too and here’s how I still make my accounts. Works like a charm,I’ve got 3 week old accounts still up and running. Most of my accounts get banned on a daily basis cause I spam hard with them but that’s another story. Gonna cut right to it. Here’s how ~

Create Unlimited Instagram Accounts through your Desktop.

1. Get Bluestacks here.
2. You will need to have a Dynamic IP for this to work. Most of y’all are probably gonna be on Dynamic ones anywho. Don’t even bother using VPNs to make accounts/run Instagram accounts.
3. Get the Bluestacks Tweaker

Instagram tracks and flags your accounts using your Links/IP/Device ID/GUID everything!

If you still haven’t put it together then:

  1. Open up Bluestacks and install Instagram.
  2. Create 3-5 accounts using your IP.
  3. Change IP.
  4. Fire up Bluestacks Tweaker and change the Device ID,GUID,Phone Model and Google Advertising ID.
  5. Get back to making accounts.

If you’re someone who likes to uploads loads of photos on your accounts then there’s a few extra steps you need to do. Instagram tracks the photos you upload using MD5 of the pics. So you’re gonna need to keep changing that too.
Get a free MD5 changer here (credits to Justchillin)

Change the MD5 of the Photo after each upload.

You should be safe this way. I’ve done it myself so I know it works.



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