Method To Make An Extra $500 – $1,000 Per Week


Hola warriors!

I just wanted to chime in and add some value to this part of the forum. I was getting ready to post this on my facebook so I decided to drop it here first.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’re currently having success with this whole “internet marketing” thing, here’s a pretty cool and simple way to make an extra $500 to $1000 per week.

The beginning of this might sound cliche but the twist will come, trust me.

Step 1) Find A Niche!

This is obvious right? Well a lot of people never even get past this step. If you’re having trouble selecting a niche just always remember that health, wealth and relationship will be three of the most profitable. If you’re passionate about something you could also start there just make sure it’s PROFITABLE of course.

Ok picking a niche..simple stuff..moving on.

Step 2) Build Your Audience

Just to keep the motivation for those who might be on a tight budget, I won’t talk about paid traffic although that’s how you really scale. For now, just stick with “free traffic driving strategies”. Build up your audience on different social media platforms or just choose one that interests you the most.

Give value centered around this particular niche you’re going after.

Introduce yourself to EVERY SINGLE PERSON you get connected with on social media, no links..just a simple friendly “hey how are you” type of message. I have a full-time virtual assistant that does this for me on my personal facebook now since that’s the main platform I use and my engagement on every single post is SOLID.

Hopefully it’s ok with the mods and if not just delete, but Here’s A Screenshot of the type of engagement I get. For the advanced entrepreneurs you’ll also notice how I put a link to my blog which then allows me to “cookie and retarget” those who click and engage Method To Make An Extra 0 – <img class=

Anyways, Connect with 30 people per day, give value, be awesome and the more your fan base grows the better off you’re going to be.

One of my mentors said that once you have 100 raving fans you’ll never have to worry about money again and trust me this is TRUE.

Step 3) Create A Product

Most people HATE to hear this lol but yes if you really want to 10x things, at some point you want to create your own product. For now, you can just stick with affiliate products though, BUT just try to find something that you can make at least $100 per sale on to make this method I’m about to discuss more effective

A $97 price-point seems to be pretty sweet for this.

Step 4) Run Weekly Webinars

Ok so now that your niche is selected, your audience is being built and you have a solid relevant product to promote that will help solve needs in your industry, it’s now time to bring in $500 to $1000 plus per week.

Pick one day out of the week to run a 30 minute to one hour webinar where you give away nothing but value and at the end of the webinar make a pitch to your offer. Just try to keep the webinar content relevant to the product you’re going to sell so that you can stay congruent

Peep this.

Imagine if you were only getting 20 people onto your webinar per week and you close up to 30% of them on your $97 product. That’s 6×97= $582 WEEKLY! and we’re talking small here..

For those who doubt a 30% conversion rate…half that number and double your attendance rate which is pretty easy to do and we’re still talking the same numbers!

Do you get where I’m going with this? Webinars have been proven to be the highest converting compared to traditional methods such as just sending people to a sales page.

Step 5)

Rinse and REPEAT!

For the excuse makers..

But Jeff, I’m not that good of a speaker!

I was once on a webinar where the guy stuttered for 90% of the entire presentation and still managed to make 6 figures in a night.

Most people don’t care about your presentation skills, just deliver the goods!

But Jeff, I just don’t have the money to invest into a webinar platform.

There are plenty of platforms out there that will allow you to get started for free..just work your butt off during the trials and paying the tab won’t be a problem at all.

But Jeff, I just don’t have the TIME

Those 4+ hours that you spend per week posting selfies, playing silly games and scrolling through your newsfeed wasting time on social media is time that could be spent making connections and ultimately MAKING MONEY!

But but but. Forget the excuses just do it!

Go out there and get em tiger.




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