7 Best service for WordPress Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is the first choice for those who want to make a Self-Hosted WordPress website in particular and other websites in general. The purchase of hosts is like you buy other products on the environment online, the official must use it in a while to conclude there was a good host or not.

If you are still looking for an international hosting providers well and fit for use, you can see the list of hosting providers below. List below we will analyze the 3 types is Cheap, Mid-Range and High Range. Remember that all of the following suppliers we have experienced over at least 2 packages with duration of 6 months, the host is not the quality we have not included here.

Cheap hosts will suitable for learning new friends acquainted with WordPress. Here is the best cheap hosting providers that you should use to get the best experience of the website initially.


stablehost-7 Best service for WordPress Shared Hosting

StableHost already a familiar name to those who use the Shared Host, StableHost  has also been listed by WebHostingTalk community as Best Cheap Hosting as they apply to the entire SSD hosting package at this luxury or cheap though.

Another point to be many people interested StableHost that promotion is almost always. You can save a lot of costs.

General specifications

  • Refund: Yes – within 30 days
  • Control Panel: cPanel X
  • Lowest Price: $ 3.95 / month
  • SSD: Yes
  • Servers: Netherlands,US
  • Private IP: Yes – $ 2 / month
  • SSH access: Yes – $ 2.50 for a permanent registration times
  • Support via Chat: No


arvixe-7 Best service for WordPress Shared Hosting

If you’re looking for a good host for use with prices $ 4 / month and can support servers in Asia, then Arvixe is a name you should remember. Arvixe is a very good host must say to use, especially if you need to run multiple websites, which limits CPU usage because of their Host Shared pack quite high.


  • Control Panel: cPanel X
  • SSD: Yes
  • Refund: Yes – within 60 days
  • Private IP: Yes – $ 2 / month
  • Support via Chat: Yes
  • Lowest Price: $ 4 / month
  • Host: Hong Kong, USA and the Netherlands.
  • SSH access: Yes – $ 2.50 for a permanent registration times

The best host for WordPress mid-range price

Services for mid-range will have a better experience in terms of speed, customer support and the technology used on the server. If you already have a website just recently went into the stable, the mid-range package could suit you.


inmotionhosting-7 Best service for WordPress Shared Hosting

InmotionHosting may be slightly strange to many people but it has been in the top of the Shared Host service and best quality servers with high-profile, very good customer support and security.

Since last year they have to upgrade the hard drive to SSD, the speed of the current very good host, and CPU resources used term is fairly easy because we are using it to make using the website to administer MainWP other WordPress website load very good show.

General specifications

  • Control Panel: cPanel X
  • SSD: Yes
  • Give free domain
  • Refund: Yes – within 30 days
  • Private IP: No
  • Support via Chat: Yes
  • Lowest Price: $ 5.99 / month
  • Host: American
  • SSH access: Yes


a2hosting-7 Best service for WordPress Shared Hosting

A2Hosting was too in the present time and a lot of people were happy with the service user via hosted here. The weakness of customer support A2Hosting is slow,  low CPU limits but in return your hosts have the ability to secure, stable and very good speed.

General specifications

  • Control Panel: cPanel X
  • SSD: Yes
  • Refund: Yes – within 30 days
  • Private IP: No
  • Lowest Price: $ 5.99 / month
  • Support via Chat: No
  • Servers: Netherlands,US, Singapore.

Premium WordPress Host 

Services in this segment will have a high price compared with the normal host package you use, but you will be very enthusiastic support and these are services designed specifically for WordPress. The money you put into it is always worthy of what you get.

However, there is one issue that you need to know is that there are several suppliers of these will limit visits to the website each month in each packages so you should only use the site less hits but important.

Wp Engine

wpengine-7 Best service for WordPress Shared Hosting

This is Managed Hosting services dedicated to top quality WordPress now that we know. It is also in line with the current high price segment Managed WordPress Hosting.

It is especially when you use here it is quality customer support can very well rated 5 stars. Server security is extremely good, the speed of every website “amazing”, many devaluations and least you can ask them to correct the errors related to WordPress because they are experts at WordPress.

The second point that is Stagging Server that they are supporting. That means you can clone website is using a backup version to fix bugs or you conduct tests on it, and just click a database is the change applies to the main website. This is a feature that is currently only 2 vendors support.

However, the disadvantage of other plugin WP Engine is not well used, but some of which are familiar plugin for security reasons and does not affect the performance of the server.

The characteristic features

  • Support private cache.
  • Private IP.
  • Optimum security, not hijacked by trojan or malware, they also support anti-DDoS always 3 class.
  • Even if your website is hacked, they will help you recover and completely remove malicious code.
  • Special support issues related to WordPress.
  • Lowest Price: $ 29 / month

WordPress Hosting of Media Template

mediatemplate-7 Best service for WordPress Shared Hosting

Media Template support recently added a dedicated hosting package with WordPress server is optimized for WordPress. Like WP Engine, Media Template has created a website to support preventive (called Stagging Website) so you can fix or upgrade to avoid affecting the main website

Security problems are also very good support, automatically lock the access from botnets and viruses on instruments checked regularly source. Also, the system automatically backup and save the backup file for 30 days, as required simply press a button that you can easy to recover the old data.

The characteristic features

  • Unlimited visits.
  • Private IP
  • High speed servers
  • With only one single price is $ 25 / month.
  • Give special theme of Media Template
  • Unlimited use plugin
  • Easy administration panel
  • Having integrated the advanced tools support website as git deploy, clone and stagging

General summary

It is the shared hosting service for WordPress that we think you should try it once to experience the outstanding features. However if your website has a range of 6,500 hits per day or more, it is best to switch VPS services to be able to use more comfortable.

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So I think of do some double or triple ofuscator from some methods. Then the result really impress, even myself can not recordnize my code. Here is my trick:

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