Z.com discount .COM and .NET to $2.22, transfer only $6.67

Today, Z.com keep running promotion with super discount for .COM and .NET domain at only $2.22

Currently, you can purchase unlimited .COM and .NET domain names for $2.22 , without any extra conditions, Plus 10% VAT, the first year price for both the 2 types of domain names only $2.45. Renewal price is still $14.00 like many other registrars.

To apply this coupon, follow these steps:

  1. Switch your country to Vietnam through this link.
  2. Select your .COM or .NET domain

  3. Check if your domain still available or not

  4. Then follow all the Registration account steps with your informations
  5. On Payment page, choose Paypal tab to deposite money in with your Paypal account

  6. After deposited, you can pay for the domains you have registered above.


Now you have your domain ready !

Good luck with your business !



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