Do You Want to Make Every Night Memorable with Your Partner? Try These

They say things will get different once you are married. All of a sudden, life as a couple is not just about the two of you but also means bigger responsibilities – kids, career and a decent living condition among others. Oftentimes, married couples are so focused on their equally-important responsibilities, they tend to forget that they are also husband and wife too.

If you are among those couples who just sleep at night without even trying to be intimate, then it’s not too late. Here are some things you can do to make each night memorable.

Do You Want to Make Every Night Memorable with Your Partner? Try These

Appreciate your man

Making your night memorable doesn’t start in the bedroom. Tell your man how much you love and appreciate him. Make him feel how special he is and don’t forget to emphasize on his best qualities. This will surely get him in the mood.

Fill your room with scents

Did you know that scents can affect your brain’s emotional center and eventually stimulate memories, emotions and moods? Aside from this, certain fragrances can help you and your partner relax which can get you in the mood.

Slip into a sexy lingerie

Most women don’t like wearing lingerie thinking they’re not “sexy” enough. That’s a wrong mentality. Even if you’re not a Victoria’s Secret model, wearing sexy lingerie from time to time will definitely give your guy a different perspective of your body. There is lots of lingerie that targets specific areas that you want to emphasize and this can be a good chance for you to show off those assets he has never noticed before. Now you can purchase such sexy lingerie online from Privy Pleasures.

Give each other a massage

Massage helps relieve any tension in your body. If you’re looking for a perfect foreplay and at the same time, allows you to relax and ease any pain and tension, then giving each other a massage should be on top of your list. Remember the importance of scents? Use essential oils to also get you in the mood after.

Play music

Aside from scents, music is also an effective way to soothe and relax you and your man. Don’t hesitate to play your guy’s favorite tunes or any music that will surely help you bring back memories. If you can have the song of your first dance, then go ahead and play it.

Re-create the first time

There’s always something special about the first time you did the deed. Relive some, if not all of the parts of the first time you became intimate. And it’s not just about the positions. This includes the music you had back then, your clothes and even the perfume you were wearing.

Find a new location

Being intimate with your man is not confined in the bedroom. If you want to spice things up and create memories, try doing it in a different location. Try the couch for foreplay, the stairs for some action then finish it off again the couch. Be imaginative.

Leave something sexy on the bed, or any part in the bedroom

If you want to make a fun but sexy statement, try leaving something that will surely put your guy in the mood. A new silky boxers, sexy lingerie or even you, naked on the bed will do.

Go treasure hunting

If you’re looking for an adventure, then try having a treasure hunt. Hide sweet and sexy items around your room, or all over the house if it’s just the two of you, and give him a list of clues. Items include but not limited to chocolates, a bottle of champagne, sexy lingerie and so on. At the end of the treasure hunt, it’s you waiting beneath the covers.

Make it all about the two of you

More importantly, make every night all about you. At the end of the day, you’re still a couple and that’s all that matters.

The bottom line is to choose something that will surely make your love and sex life much better.