50-100$ per day with CPA – What is CPA

What is CPA ? CPA is a Cost-Per-Action make money method. Is CPA still worth it ? CPA is still the good way to make money online. Since many make money method are satured, but CPA still working. The reason is because the Advertiser still looking for customers. But the customers are converted from the lead. So each CPA success help give the advertiser profit. This way, the method still working.

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50+ side money ideas to do in part-time

How to make money on the side. Do you want to know how to earn extra money on the side during part-time. Remember that whereas restraining on expenses positively helps your budget, the simplest method to save cash is to earn more. Still, we’ll begin with some simple tips to prevent injury cash wherever it doesn’t really facilitate abundant.

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5 steps install wordpress on the bluehost

You are in need of a website with WordPress, but fears that the installation is too complicated, you can not do everything. Not as difficult as you think, in this article we will guide you to install WordPress on Bluehost is easy, just one click to complete. To start, we go to Bluehost website, then click “Get Started Now” on the home screen. Bluehost offers you a free domain hosting packages to their associated and surprisingly cheap, only $ 3.49 / month .

Install wordpress on Bluehost

5 steps install wordpress on the bluehost

1. After performing the steps to register and choose a domain successfully. You simply log into the control panel Bluehost control panel, right on the first administration screen you will see the symbol of WordPress, click “Install WordPress” to begin.

fast install wordpress on the bluehost

2. On the next screen, you simply press the Install button at the top right corner to proceed with the installation.

install wordpress on the bluehost

3. Select the domain name that you want to install WordPress on. You can also create web links to WordPress as you want, if you do not want to perform the installation directly on the root directory of the website. For example yoursite.com/blog.

guide to install wordpress on the bluehost

4. On the next screen, you click Show Advanced Options and enter your website information, here you also start putting usernames and passwords for websites.

install wordpress on the bluehost so easy

5. Click the Install Now button to perform the automatic WordPress installation. When completed it will show letters View Credentials.

5 steps install wordpress on the bluehost

When you click View Credentials it will show you information like your website URL, username and password. And now you can log into WordPress admin panel to configure and writing.

Installing WordPress too easy not to do, just with a few clicks and everything is automatically completed when you use the service at Bluehost.