OVH double credit when register server


From now until the end of September, when registering to use any cloud server at OVH, you will be double cloud credit.

OVH double credit when register server

Specifically, when you buy credit (used for 12 months for the entire server line) before 09/30/2016, OVH will double the number of this credit, up to $1,120 maximum.

You can use the bonus credit for RAM optimized Instance and have a term used within 30 days.

OVH has many cloud server packages optimized for different uses, especially you are added to 16 IPs geolocated , very convenient to make the site a satellite system for PBN. The quality here is a very good server.

OVH is a popular server vendor in the world, but the registration is quite difficult, not just send a photo ID, but other bills as proof of address to internet bills, cable TV, ultility…

Good luck.


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