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Due to Google updates we are being forced to change our SEO strategies,however, GSA Search Engine Ranker is still the best software for automated link building and it can achieve amazing results if used properly.

While new websites usually needs a lot of time to bump into Google for the targeted keywords high authority websites (like Youtube or Facebook) videos and pages can still be ranked fast and easily and me myself been doing it for years now.

I am going to show you how to use GSA Search Engine Ranker (you will need some other stuff that go along with it also) to rank your Youtube videos.

You can find some basic GSA Search Engine ranker tutorials online so I am going to skip that kind of introduction and go straight to the point.

Ive been making huge money from affiliate marketing for years now and here’s how I implement GSA SER in the process.

When I upload a new video to Youtube (Ill be posting some other tutorials on video optimization,finding good keywords using adwords and other tools so stay tuned) i start adding youtube views and likes (drip feed method) slowly,like 1000 high retention views a day… Its the best way cause it looks more natural (we are selling these kind of youtube services and you can check them out later) like video is gaining on popularity from day to day and Youtube and Google are forced to pick it up (in order to show their visitors the most popular content).

From the day one I also put GSA SER to work. Before the last Google updates it worked just fine if you would create a massive amount of the backlinks of all types to the video now you have to be a little more selective and smarter.The best kind of backlinks for tier 1 to use are the so called “Contextual” ones. So when you open GSA check the following platforms:

In “Data“

In URL field we place our Youtube video address.

  • Use url variations: 35%
  • Domain as anchor text: 20%
  • Generic anchor text: 15-20%

Set your main keyword to at most 5%,so if 2 main keywords – 10%

Your secondary keywords like 10 of them (depends what keywords you are up to) to 20-25% and leave the remaining percentage (in our case like 35%) to the rest of the keywords you scrap from adwords,should be at least 100-200 of them…

Anchor text variations: 70%

In “Article manager“

I add 15-20 articles created using Kontent Machine Pro that generates unique content fast and is the best tool for these purposes.

In “Options“

Pause the project after 100 submission reached in a day.

If a form field cant be filled choose: Random.

Search engines to use “None”.  (I buy the lists,using GSA SER to scarpe the web is just the waste of time and money)

In “Email Verification“

Add 5-10 emails you can buy cheap on Fiverr. (250 emails list for 5$)

Complete. Now you rename your project and IMPORT TARGET URLS. I get mine from SERocket they have the best and freshest lists.

In the general settings of the GSA SER you need to link GSA Ser with the GSA Captcha Breaker and add proxies (I use it only for the submission so only check that field).I use 30 semi-dedicated proxies from the They do just fine.

After 15 days you will get like 1500-2000 backlinks on your project. Now you start adding Tier 2 links to it (I use the mix of contextual and non-contextual,you can experiment with it),150-250 a day… Be sure to re-verify your tier 1 links on daily basis.

If you need VPS server for your GSA SER or other tools I strongly suggest GreenCloud VPS, good prices, speed and support.

How long does it take to see the results? It depends on the choosen keywords and other factors however it usually takes me couple of days to bump into Youtube first page (due to adding views and likes,and adding backlinks keeps you there in the the long terms) and 10-30 days to get into Google first page and I always do it,even for the “tough” relationship,weight loss and other niches with lots of competition.

Here is the screenshot from some of my affiliate network accounts for the motivational purposes.


Be persistent,good luck and happy earnings.

– use Coupon ‘EARNSIO‘ to apply discount –

– use Coupon ‘EARNSIO’ to apply discount –

Update September 2017

“As I knew, to do off page ranking for Youtube videos, we will need both embeded and contextual backlinks. But GSA Search Engine Ranker is only for creating contextual backlinks. Is it right ?” – Jackie Thai

This is how you can embed your video/s  into articles you prepared for your GSA project.

I haven’t noticed any bigger impact on Google rankings when using this option however Youtube could like it so you can split test your projects or just throw some into mix like I sometimes do. I think Youtube loves it just like video shares from your youtube video page (social signals become important factor in the recent years despite Google and YT officialy denying it),however I believe Youtube also expects also some traffic from these sources so not sure if it will act as an important element.

Update May 18 2018

A lot of my friends and readers were complaining lately about a low number of tier 1 backlinks they get using GSA Search Engine Ranker. Among the main reasons is not using an adequate email accounts for GSA SER.

Create Unlimited Instagram Accounts through your Desktop.


Switched to Instagram + CPA last month and went the manual route so the first obstacle was to create accounts quick on a daily basis while not getting banned too. I’ve done a lot of testing,burned through a lot of Accounts too and here’s how I still make my accounts. Works like a charm,I’ve got 3 week old accounts still up and running. Most of my accounts get banned on a daily basis cause I spam hard with them but that’s another story. Gonna cut right to it. Here’s how ~

1. Get Bluestacks here.
2. You will need to have a Dynamic IP for this to work. Most of y’all are probably gonna be on Dynamic ones anywho. Don’t even bother using VPNs to make accounts/run Instagram accounts.
3. Get the Bluestacks Tweaker

Instagram tracks and flags your accounts using your Links/IP/Device ID/GUID everything!

If you still haven’t put it together then:

  1. Open up Bluestacks and install Instagram.
  2. Create 3-5 accounts using your IP.
  3. Change IP.
  4. Fire up Bluestacks Tweaker and change the Device ID,GUID,Phone Model and Google Advertising ID.
  5. Get back to making accounts.

If you’re someone who likes to uploads loads of photos on your accounts then there’s a few extra steps you need to do. Instagram tracks the photos you upload using MD5 of the pics. So you’re gonna need to keep changing that too.
Get a free MD5 changer here (credits to Justchillin)

Change the MD5 of the Photo after each upload.

You should be safe this way. I’ve done it myself so I know it works.
Cheers! discount .COM and .NET to $2.22, transfer only $6.67

Today, keep running promotion with super discount for .COM and .NET domain at only $2.22

Currently, you can purchase unlimited .COM and .NET domain names for $2.22 , without any extra conditions, Plus 10% VAT, the first year price for both the 2 types of domain names only $2.45. Renewal price is still $14.00 like many other registrars.

To apply this coupon, follow these steps:

  1. Switch your country to Vietnam through this link.
  2. Select your .COM or .NET domain

  3. Check if your domain still available or not

  4. Then follow all the Registration account steps with your informations
  5. On Payment page, choose Paypal tab to deposite money in with your Paypal account

  6. After deposited, you can pay for the domains you have registered above.


Now you have your domain ready !

Good luck with your business !



How to use GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

Tutorial How To Use Godaddy Hosting

Recently GoDaddy has offered the Managed WordPress Hosting to Users. This is the hosting package is specially optimized of  WordPress Code.

How to use GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

How to use GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting

– After registering and accessing in My Account page, in MANAGED WORDPRESS you will see an available NEW ACCOUNT, press the button Manage to proceed with the configuration. If you don’t know how to register, you can see this instruction.

How to use GoDaddy WordPress Hosting 2

– In the next page, you will find 2 choices: Create a new WordPress site or Use the old WordPress site. Now it’s automatically scrolling function – unstable Migrate Your Existing WordPress Site and you should not choose this function.

Press Create a New WordPress Site to continue


If you have had a website and you want to use this WordPress Hosting here, let’s refer the article How to upload site on WordPress Managed Hosting from GoDaddy.

– If you want to use the domain at GoDaddy’s account, you can choose that domain in button Select a domain from your account, or you want to use domain from other suppliers, enter domain in Enter a domain or subdomain. Pay attention you have to click domain to the respective IP.

In this article I choose subdomain

I choose subdomain

The primary domain of  WordPress Hosting from GoDaddy is changed comfortably, it has been used with all primary domain from the other suppliers.

In Choose a Data Center section, you can choose datacenter, which close with your Visitors. In Viet Nam, choose North America.

WordPress details, you should fill in the information about administrative account including:  username, email and password, press Finish to install.

–Waiting for 1 minute, that the installation will be completed. Finally,  you can be got the message as following:

installation will be completed

Be note this line Update your A record, you need click the domain about this IP.

Waiting till the domain got new IP, press the button Log In, configuration interface of website will be appeared, press Continue.

How to use GoDaddy WordPress Hosting 6

Next,  declare some informations about  Website: type of website, activities, title, description. Please enter correctly, in next step GoDaddy will suggest some respective Theme for you.

Wordpress hosting Goddady 2

Then, it gets some information to contact:

Then, it gets some information to contact

Due to the information, which you have declared, GoDaddy will offer the number of suitable Themes for you. I choose Storefront because it looks so pretty.

GoDaddy will offer the number of suitable Themes for you

Demo interface will appear immediately. Press the button < > until you choose your most Theme and press the button Select.

GoDaddy will install the Theme automatically, the content and the example page, plugin for you.

Just waiting for a few seconds, the installation is completed and your new website will appear:

 the installation is completed and your new website will appear

Now this is the part you must do, use the available tools in the left of the column to set up colors, images, menu…as you need.

In using, if you do not like you can change theme comfortably, it gets thousand of free interfaces in menu Appearance of Or you can use theme, which you code yourself, theme from the other appliers. GoDaddy do not have limit at all.

Plugin is similar, you can install comfortably. However, you should pay attention to the list of Plugin must not be used of GoDaddy. This minimize the security issues and optimize the system better.


Whether you have just been new with WordPress or you have used for a long time, GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting is both suitable

  • If you are not good at technic but the process to get a website in this time is so easily, only some clicks and you will get a new Website.
  • If you are familiar with WordPress, it is no problem with the securities, optimize; install firewall, anti-DDoS hosting. GoDaddy has run out already.

Through I got Trial, I fought the speed when I used the website of GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting so good, some plugins with a lot of resources still work fine. Especially uptime reach almost 100%, it is rarely inaccessible.

The limit from Managed WordPress Hosting is the entire operation must be implemented in page WP Admin of WordPress, without Panel or Control Panel to use. However, you want to edit, manage file better, you should install plugin File Manager.

Generally, only 160k/year you can have both hosting and domain from the most famous supplier in the World – GoDaddy. That’s so awesome!

How to register StableHost with 40% discount successfully

StableHost is a famous web hosting provider with high quality and reasonable price. This post is about the topic How to register Stablehost.

It is one of best hosting providers on The register is just difficult in the step which you have to hear the call for confirming code, you do not have to scan ID card to verify at all.


  • You will register PayPal, or you can use Visa/Master, with the same steps.
  • You need do step by step according to construction for register and receiving the forever discount 50%.
  • You can register normally without faking IP.
  • On sixth step, if you do not hear the security code clearly or do not know how to do this step, you can send tickets for Sales Group to be helped.

Each step for register Stablehost

– Access StableHost, press WEB HOSTING


– On the next page, choose your suitable hosting plan. STARTER can be used with 1 website, PRO will be unlimited quantity and ENTERPRISE – PLATINUM should be used with high traffic websites. For example, I chose PRO.


– Then, choose your main domain with the third option. Click Continue.

– Choose your time-limit for using hosting in Billing Cycle, (the longer time-limit is, the lower price is).

Almost coupon can be used with the time-limit 12 months. For example, I choose 12 Month Price – $3.95 USD

Hosting Location chose Phoenix. Press Continue to next step.

– On the next page, if you have not an account in Stablehost, you need to sign up in tab New Customer (conversely, you click Existing Customer and login for payment. You need to pay attention to adding your area code.

Find Promotional Code and input coupon EARNS40, then press Validate Code. You can find the coupon on the post StableHost Coupon. Discounting information will automatically be appeared if the coupon can still apply.

You should choose PayPal Balance or PayPal for payment in order to avoid wasting time.

Finally, press the button Checkout and make a payment.

– Because I pay by PayPal, the next page will have to log in with PayPal account and make a payment. If you pay vis visa card, you need to fill your visa card information correctly for payment.

– If it has not the problem, you will immediately receive hosting information after payment.

Hope that this post will be useful for you.

How to register best hosting at Hawk Host

Hawk Host is one of best hosting providers you should use. Its Hostings help to speed website up with the support Memcached free. This post is about How to register easily hosting here.

Except Primary limits 10GB, almost hostings of Hawk Host are unlimit memory, bandwidth, domain. In addition, this provider also support coupons up to 40% discount.hawkhost

You can choose one of five location when you register: Singapore, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Dallas and Washington.

Regiter hosting at Hawk Host

– Access Hawk Host. Choose your suitable hosting plan in Menu.


I need Primary Shared Hosting, so I press Hosting for the page about Shared Hosting of Hawk Host.

– In proportion to Primary, press SIGN UP NOW.


– Hawk Host will ask you to choose the domain for your hosting plan, choose the third option– I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers, then input your domain and press Use.


– Then, you need to choose the time-limit, choose datacenter (it will be the first location by default if you do not choose).


The time-limit should be chosen from 12 months, so you can save off more by coupon.

At Hawk Host, you can send ticket to ask to move the hosting among different locations or among different servers of one datacenter if you want, such as from Los Angeles to Singapore…

Press Continue for the next page Review & Checkout.

– On page review, you can easily edit your hosting information if necessary by Edit. Remember to add coupon in Apply Promo Code then press Validate Code to save money.


My plan is Primary Shared Hosting, Hawk Host provides coupon discount 40% for the first bill of this plan at present. However you should choose coupon forever discount 30% if you want to use long-term. Get a coupon here.

Press Checkout for the payment page.

– On payment page, you need input all personal information, password and choose the method of payment.


  • I choose pay by PayPal, so I click Paypal, pressComplete Order, then move to the page of login PayPal.
  • If you choose pay by Visa/Master Card, press Credit Card, input the information then pressComplete Order.


You will imediately receive the email about hosting information if it is no problem.