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How to register best hosting at Hawk Host

Hawk Host is one of best hosting providers you should use. Its Hostings help to speed website up with the support Memcached free. This post is about How to register easily hosting here.

Except Primary limits 10GB, almost hostings of Hawk Host are unlimit memory, bandwidth, domain. In addition, this provider also support coupons up to 40% discount.hawkhost

You can choose one of five location when you register: Singapore, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Dallas and Washington.

Regiter hosting at Hawk Host

– Access Hawk Host. Choose your suitable hosting plan in Menu.


I need Primary Shared Hosting, so I press Hosting for the page about Shared Hosting of Hawk Host.

– In proportion to Primary, press SIGN UP NOW.


– Hawk Host will ask you to choose the domain for your hosting plan, choose the third option– I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers, then input your domain and press Use.


– Then, you need to choose the time-limit, choose datacenter (it will be the first location by default if you do not choose).


The time-limit should be chosen from 12 months, so you can save off more by coupon.

At Hawk Host, you can send ticket to ask to move the hosting among different locations or among different servers of one datacenter if you want, such as from Los Angeles to Singapore…

Press Continue for the next page Review & Checkout.

– On page review, you can easily edit your hosting information if necessary by Edit. Remember to add coupon in Apply Promo Code then press Validate Code to save money.


My plan is Primary Shared Hosting, Hawk Host provides coupon discount 40% for the first bill of this plan at present. However you should choose coupon forever discount 30% if you want to use long-term. Get a coupon here.

Press Checkout for the payment page.

– On payment page, you need input all personal information, password and choose the method of payment.


  • I choose pay by PayPal, so I click Paypal, pressComplete Order, then move to the page of login PayPal.
  • If you choose pay by Visa/Master Card, press Credit Card, input the information then pressComplete Order.


You will imediately receive the email about hosting information if it is no problem.