Category: Domain discount .COM and .NET to $2.22, transfer only $6.67

Today, keep running promotion with super discount for .COM and .NET domain at only $2.22

Currently, you can purchase unlimited .COM and .NET domain names for $2.22 , without any extra conditions, Plus 10% VAT, the first year price for both the 2 types of domain names only $2.45. Renewal price is still $14.00 like many other registrars.

To apply this coupon, follow these steps:

  1. Switch your country to Vietnam through this link.
  2. Select your .COM or .NET domain

  3. Check if your domain still available or not

  4. Then follow all the Registration account steps with your informations
  5. On Payment page, choose Paypal tab to deposite money in with your Paypal account

  6. After deposited, you can pay for the domains you have registered above.


Now you have your domain ready !

Good luck with your business !



How to register StableHost with 40% discount successfully

StableHost is a famous web hosting provider with high quality and reasonable price. This post is about the topic How to register Stablehost.

It is one of best hosting providers on The register is just difficult in the step which you have to hear the call for confirming code, you do not have to scan ID card to verify at all.


  • You will register PayPal, or you can use Visa/Master, with the same steps.
  • You need do step by step according to construction for register and receiving the forever discount 50%.
  • You can register normally without faking IP.
  • On sixth step, if you do not hear the security code clearly or do not know how to do this step, you can send tickets for Sales Group to be helped.

Each step for register Stablehost

– Access StableHost, press WEB HOSTING


– On the next page, choose your suitable hosting plan. STARTER can be used with 1 website, PRO will be unlimited quantity and ENTERPRISE – PLATINUM should be used with high traffic websites. For example, I chose PRO.


– Then, choose your main domain with the third option. Click Continue.

– Choose your time-limit for using hosting in Billing Cycle, (the longer time-limit is, the lower price is).

Almost coupon can be used with the time-limit 12 months. For example, I choose 12 Month Price – $3.95 USD

Hosting Location chose Phoenix. Press Continue to next step.

– On the next page, if you have not an account in Stablehost, you need to sign up in tab New Customer (conversely, you click Existing Customer and login for payment. You need to pay attention to adding your area code.

Find Promotional Code and input coupon EARNS40, then press Validate Code. You can find the coupon on the post StableHost Coupon. Discounting information will automatically be appeared if the coupon can still apply.

You should choose PayPal Balance or PayPal for payment in order to avoid wasting time.

Finally, press the button Checkout and make a payment.

– Because I pay by PayPal, the next page will have to log in with PayPal account and make a payment. If you pay vis visa card, you need to fill your visa card information correctly for payment.

– If it has not the problem, you will immediately receive hosting information after payment.

Hope that this post will be useful for you.

Register .ASIA domain from $1.33, unlimited domain



Domain .ASIA in now just 99RS, an equivalent of $1.48 per year. Unlimited domains. All new and old accounts are usable.

Besides, with coupon AUGAFF16, you can save more 10%, so price just 89.1RS or $1.33

Note :

  • This offer is applied for first year only, renew price will be 829RS or $12.41
  • Payment method is only by Visa/Master Card
  • Coupon AUGAFF16 is just applying for India currency only !

Successful discounted image:

You can take yourself one .ASIA domain here !

Good luck with your business !

Instructions On How To Buy A Domain Name In Namecheap

buy domain at namecheap

Domain name is an indispensable element in a Website. If you have read Instructions how to create a free Website, you have already known that there are two popular ways to create a Website: Blogspot and WordPress. Whether Blogspot or WordPress, you also need a domain name, you can not use the free domain name (because of the long name, unprofessional, hard to SEO, blocked by Network…) No regret about few Dollars to care for your “baby” before it will help you to have money online.

In this article, I will guide How to buy the domain name in Namecheap Details.

Introduction Namecheap

Namecheap is the famous domain providers in the world with a lot of big sale promotions, both domain and hosting.

buy domain at namecheap

Why should we choose Namecheap?

Previously, the interface of management Page in Namecheap is so complicated and extremely difficult to use. However, it has been changed recently, we can use so easily.


  • Rich diversity of domain extension, which you can buy domain name with .com or .me to create a private blog
  • Transfer a domain easily from the other providers on Namecheap Management.
  • Reliable DNS service. NameCheap provides a widely network system DNS serve, provides for you with routing service of high quality and the quick  updates, support the features to forward Url and Email, as well as updating the change with the real time. The automatically DNS updated system will help your Website be always available.
  • High security in using: with the service WhoisGuard Privacy Protection, all the information about your domain name will be kept privacy absolutely. When the Users access to the Internet to find the domain name, they will not find the Owner’s information, if you are using the service WhoisGuard Privacy Protection for your domain name. WhoisGuard will be provided with a reasonable price by NameCheap, if you purchase a first-year-domain name in NameCheap, this service will be free offered of charge attached.
  • Customer’s Service: This is one of the strengths of NameCheap, with the friendly staff to support a lots, their knowledge is so great, the supported staffs will always help you anytime, the time online is 24/7.

However there is a small number of limitations: the interface still supports in English, it requires you to have a certain English vocabulary

Note: ICANN fee for each new domain name or transfer about NameCheap is $0.18.

Instructions On How To Buy A Domain Name In Namecheap 2

Instructions How to buy Domain name in Namecheap

Step 1:

Access Home Page Namecheaptype the domain name, which you want to buy into the search box and click Search

 Instructions On How To Buy A Domain Name In Namecheap

Then the list of domain name including the domain extension and the price will be appeared and attached. I choose the domain name .com. You should notice that Namecheap will suggest for us a lot of options (Popular / New / International….), you click these to get details.

The .com domain extension will be often the highest, the other domain name is cheaper.

Instructions On How To Buy A Domain Name In Namecheap 4

Next press Confirm Order as the image:

Instructions On How To Buy A Domain Name In Namecheap 5

If you have not had an account, you notice the column on the left to create a new account:

Instructions On How To Buy A Domain Name In Namecheap 6

Fill in all the information about the account such as: Name, Email, Password and click Create Account and Continue. Next,  Namecheap will go to the pagement interface you can choose Paypal or Visacard. By Paypal is so as simple as you make a normal transaction. By Visa card you must have visa card, with the people, who work online to have money you should have at least 1 visa card to purchase the domain name, design website and get money. To make visa card, you just go to the bank, support the information and 100.000Vnd fee for maintaining precedents.

When you bought the domain name at any Providers by Visa, you also enter the following steps:

  1. Card number: 16 number on the front
  2. CVV: 3 number on the back
  3. Expiration date: month/expired year

Instructions On How To Buy A Domain Name In Namecheap h6

Wish you purchase a domain name successfully and have a professional website to serve your make-money online! offer $4.88/year for .COM are deals on an extensive variety of domain names, including domain names .COM just $4.88/year.

Now, you can subscribe to unlimited .COM domain names from at only $4.88 . This offer applies for the first year, renewed at $9.88/year.

Additionally, processes for transferring to another supplier is really simple.

Click button below to register

.COM And .NET just $2.72 from MyServerPlanet

MyServerPlanet again just continue promotions Weekend Flash Sale discount for .COM and .NET domain name only $2.72.

This price applies to new subscribers, the price is only $ 2.72 for the first year .COM or .NET domain, the .xyz cost $1.3.

Image after using the coupon, after filling Country are to be deducted as 20% VAT are light:

Promotional ten mien MyServerPlanet 2When paying the coupon you use A9AL2IYBJY. Each user can be used only once, both old and new accounts are usable.

Flash Sale will quickly end up, sign up now.

Payment is by PayPal or Visa/Master. Change GBP to USD in the Shopping Cart page.

I had successfully test order so try now.