Vultr Coupon in August – discounting up to 102$ for new accounts and 20% for existing ones

Vultr is focused on providing integrated cloud hosting services and products to customers all over the world, which I apply for and other projects. With many promotion, you can easily use sevices here.

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The price is quite cheap with good quality and high uptime, which is the reason Vultr appearance in the list useful VPS in Vultr has 768Mb RAM VPS Hosting plan, 1.000 GB for $5/month which is extremely cheap in the hosting market.

Vultr has appeared in 14 countries over the world. Especially, it has the location Tokyo, Japan with the data transfer rate as fast as the domestic provider, so you can use it in long term.

Vultr has many trial promotion for you to test the services. With the time limit up to one year, it shows that Vultr is always confident in the quality of  services.

See more the detail information below to choose your favorite one.

Vultr Coupon in August – discounting up to 102$ for new accounts and giving gift for existing ones

All the promotion money can only use register VPS in Vultr.

1. Double the amount of money added, up to 102$ for new accounts

This is the big promotion of Vultr for the new accounts. After register and add money, Vultr will automatically double your money, up to 100$.

=> Sign up now <=

Example: If you havent had account yet, after register and add 100$, you will receive 200$ in credit.

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The promotion money will be valid in the next 12 months after issurance. In addition, you can combine the fourth promotion to up the money to 102$. You can add money by PayPal or Visa/Master Card.

This is one of Vultr attactive promotions untill now for new accounts

2. Receive $52 free credit for the first time sign up

If you don’t like to fund your account for doubling credit, you can use this promotion. Vultr will automatically add $52 to your account after you sign up.

The method is very easy for everyone, please click this promotion link and create your account. After adding the information of Visa/Master card to confirm, you will automatically receive 50$ free credit. Getting total 52$ if you combine the fourth promotion.

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You can use this free credit in 60 days from the received date. This money will lose after the time-limit.

3. Get $22 for free with new account

Quite similar to the second promotion, you will automatically receive 20$ after registering and verifying your card.

Getting total 22$ if you combine the fourth promotion.

The special point is the term of credit up to 12 months.


After clicking here to create account, accessing the website Billing, adding 5$ by PayPal or the information of Visa/Master Card, fill the Gift Code NGINX20, you will automatically receive 20$..

4. Follow and tweet about Vultr on Twitter, Earn $2 in credit for more

Sign in your Vultr account, click to follow @Vultr, tweet about Vultr and get $2 more free credit. This is promotion for the account using Twitter.

This is the only promotion, which can combine with others.

5. Get promotion for existing acounts

If you have already had the account, you also have other promotion. Vultr will discount 20% for all Computer Instance plans.

After sign in and click this link, you will see the discounting list below:

Refer to the installation guide, Managing VPS at VPS School blog. In particular, they have optimized VPS tutorials Vultr 2GB of RAM running at more than 4k people online.

Vultr VPS can be installed in both Windows to run remote tool or Download / Upload offline. The tool exchange traffic is prohibited here.

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  • Your bank account will be charged 2.5$ to confirm card information, then a few weeks the money will be automatically refunded.
  • If you get the message This card is not eligible for free credit promotions ie your bank card is not accepted, it should go through the other cards until the card to add it.
  • When Deploy VPS can take several minutes to complete, to keep track of your schedule, please click on the button View Console on VPS management site.

See more about the post Optimizing VPS; with 2GB of RAM running at more than 4k people online.

If after add the card information that error Unable to process your payment: This transaction was denied by the credit card issuer, please check the following issues:

  1. Verified cards of international payment yet? -> Call up the bank asked, taking the number printed on the card.
  2. Information has declared the standard yet?
  3. Account balance is not sufficient, noting a number of banks required to maintain an account balance.

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